1970 Chevelle Malibu


My New Jimmy

Check out what happened to my brother's car.

This is the car as I bought it. It was listed as having a "fresh 350", but turned out to be a rotten 327. That was ok, because it ran alright for the time being and I wanted to build a new engine anyway. It had an old 3-speed manual, and an exhaust system that was on its last leg.

She now has a really nice 350 (~420hp - more on that later...), a TH400, 2.5" aluminized exhaust w/3-chamber flowmasters, lift bars, and a locker.

I'll be posting more information and pictures as I have time.

Here is a nice Chevelle I saw at a gas station in Tennessee:12
I was driving home on the bike I had just bought up in Toledo.